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At Impress Esteem Beauty Centre we understand the difference a great appearance can make. After all, we've been creating them for over 31 years. We have over 35 centres across the country, all offering high quality, innovative face and body treatment to ensure our clients have picture perfect features and bodyshape.


Our dedicated teams have both the passion and professional expertise to offer outstanding clinical excellence for a range of treatments. These include removal of cellulite, anti-ageing treatment, healthy face and body re-design, skin peel treatment and skin whitening. You can also visit us for more regular skin and body examinations and treatment such as firming and moisturising services.


Founded in 1988, Impress Esteem Beauty Group complements the concept of beauty cosmetology in operating the beauty therapy business. With over 20 years of continual improving effort lead by the principal cum founder Ms Tan Lee Chin, Impress Esteem is now the most excellent and leading salon, academy and MAVI sole distributor throughout Malaysia and Singapore. With it Impress Esteem is the recipient of the Keris Honesty Enterprise Award, the Italian Best Innovator Award and the Group.


About MAVI products


MAVI develops its own products by applying the results of its research and clinical studies in collaboration with chemists, physiologists, toxicologists and dermatologists around the world. MAVI work on the international market by making known their products by prescription through pharmacies, and distributes to medical and aesthetic centers.


The complete MAVI-Italian product series are manufactured according to the demands and skin texture of Asian people. We strive on safe and efficient product usage. Coupled and combined with the MAVI patented MT machines, we aim to provide customers with professional services at reasonable cost.





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